President Barack Obama has a big problem. He has lost his footing as a politician just as the economy has begun to fall into the second dip of recession/depression. Unemployment, political gridlock, and the politics of hate have conspired against this great man of hope. The systemic collapse of the Western economies is no fault of the President’s and neither is the intractability of the Republican party bent on a torched earth policy toward Obama and the Democrats. The great hope that this singular man brought to millions of Americans is fading like A-Rod in the post-season.

Regardless of who wins the Republican nomination, Perry or Romney, either one will have a cakewalk to the White house, especially considering the propaganda campaign being staged against the President. Either Perry and his down-home, Reaganesque persona will stride into the Oval Office to the sounds of a bad Bon Jovi song or Romney will power-point his way to the presidency. Either way, the President’s accomplishments on health care and bringing justice to terrorists will be brushed aside and the dream he instilled in so many hearts and minds will melt like a snowman in spring.

Barack Obama is no coward but he needs his grassroots supporters to pick him up and lead him through his dark night of the soul. Obama has something of George Bailey about him and in his moment of doubt the citizens of Bedford Falls (Obama supporters) must step up to the plate for their candidate. Even with his approval ratings in the gutter, in the bleakest hour, the beacon that is Obama’s message cannot be extinguished. His supporters will have to look long and hard because the main stream media, as always, is maneuvering against the President and doing its best to not mention the solution to all his problems- Ron Paul.

Positioned as a firm a number three among the Republican contenders, he is the key to Obama’s success. Romney or Perry can simply sit on the ball and run out the clock on Obama, but Ron Paul could never be elected President of the Unites States. How the powers that be let him get this far is quite a mystery, but Ron Paul is an extreme radical who calls for the legalization of drugs & prostitution, ending the special relationship with Israel, withdrawing from NATO and leaving the UN. By registering as Republicans in the primaries and voting in mass for Ron Paul, Obama’s militants can return him to the White House where he belongs, bringing four more years of hope to the nation and inspiration to the world.

Obama’s supporters should purchase tee-shirts with serious American slogans, Don’t Trend on Me, Protected by Smith & Wesson, or even dress up in tea-party garb (it might even evoke a thrill akin to cross-dressing) before they tramp down to register as Republicans. It would do well to stuff their clothes a bit to create the “Republican pouch” and puff their faces out to give that aura of a regime that includes two pounds of bad deli meat a day and lots of macaroni salad. All questions should be answered with “hell yeah” and “take it to me”- a Caterpillar cap might be a nice finishing touch.

If those who voted for Obama still believe in the dream, still can hear Obama’s brilliant discourse echoing around the world, than they should take to the Republican primaries like disciplined sailors rocked to action by the sounds general quarters.

Once Ron Paul is nominated, Obama has won a second term. He just has to appear at the first debate relatively sober (he could even smoke on the stage, it would detract from his victory). As soon as Wolf Blitzer begins asking questions of Ron Paul the President can just lean back and start planning four more.

Wolf – Congressman, do you really want to end the Federal Reserve and bring us back to the gold standard?

Congressman Paul: Not exactly. I would favor competing currencies, some of which would be backed by gold or silver while others could be backed by oil, land or maybe even work. The market will decide which one works best.

Wolf- Congressman, would you legalize drugs and prostitution if elected President.

Congressman Paul- No, I would simply get the Federal Government out of legislating what people drink, smoke or do with their bodies. What states and local governments decide to do is completely up to them.

Wolf – Congressman Paul, do you really believe the United States should leave NATO and close all our foreign bases?

Congressman Paul- Yes, they are unconstitutional and we have no business keeping bases all over the world, especially when we are bankrupt.

Wolf – The United States and Israel have had a special relationship based on very deep cultural and religious feelings that are keystones to the survival and defense of both nations. Would you, if elected President, stop all aid to Israel?

Congressman Paul- Yes, absolutely, we should do what we can to have good relations with Israel as well as all the other nations of the Middle East and cultivate them as trading partners. But we should end all military and financial aid to all countries.

Wolf- What if Israel were attacked by Iran, you wouldn’t send the US military in to protect Israel?

Congressman Paul- No, it is not our place to get involved in regional turf battles. We should only fight wars when we are attacked.

Within hours all the news outlets, talking heads, and opinion writers of all persuasions and political affiliations would be clamoring to support the President and the fundamental values they all share. From The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC to Fox, Glen Beck will join hands with Olbermann, Rush Limbaugh will embrace Rosie O’Donnell (maybe not a bear-hug, but an embrace) and all will celebrate their shared values and support Obama. It will be a great day for America.

Vote for hope, vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries.